Sunday, March 3, 2013


In this time of year we have less amount of sun, what can cause depression. Do you know that power plant in Umeå installed additional lamps at bus stops so people waiting for the bus can make use of the large amount of light? This is to help combat seasonal depression due to prolonged lack of sunlight in northern Sweden. 

Fortunately, the yesterday's weather was better and I was able to use a little bit of sunshine -  I recharged the batteries so I'm ready for hard week at the university ;-))

dress - H&M
boots -Hoyvoy
sweater - Atmosphere
necklace -
watch - Michael Kors


  1. świetnie wyglądasz, bardzo lubię połączenie letnich rzeczy z ciężkimi zimowymi, kolor sweterka jest zajefajny :)

  2. fantastyczna stylizacja *.*

    zapraszam do siebie ;)