Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MUBU - School of visage

Today I would like to show u amazing place that u should visit - School of visage "MUBU"This place is modern teaching center in Warsaw, offering a high standard of education 
 I've seen the work of students personally. After 2 weeks of study their results were really surprising.

 School offers professional make-up course. During the 20 days of training you can work at 17 different types of make-up with professional cosmetics. This offer also includes two photo sessions and one film in which make-up demo  is created.

In addition in MUBU there is tailor course in which teachers learn how to sew or help to improve your skills.

 Moreover in the offer there is a 'personal make-up' - carers show you which make-up will emphasize your natural beauty and how to do it.

 Furthermore, they offer a complete range of services related to the make-up: daily, evening, creative, wedding, occasional, etc. For each make-up they can also do hair styling.

Website of school -->  http://mubukursy.pl/


Here u can see my friend Brygida ;-))  -->  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3cPkg2lW3o

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