Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sister's wardrobe =D

After Christmas I spent few days in Wrocław with my sister ;-) I checked her wardrobe and I found many interesting clothes - u will see it in the next posts. 
In my old posts I showed you black coat from Zara's collection - today you can observe the next one. Moreover, on photos I have new shoes - hit in this season, Kenzo blouse and bag from Ania Kuczyńska. What do you think about my outfit?? ;-)))

bag - Ania Kuczyńska
shoes - Zara
coat - Zara
jeans - Bershka
blouse - Kenzo
collar -H&M Trend 
gloves - Zara  

1 comment:

  1. Dziękuję bardzo! Ty za to ciekawie sie ubierasz. Zazdroszczę bluzy z Kenzo :D